How I work

Psychotherapy is like any creative process – a process of exploration, building on what is found, trying new relationships and finding what works.

For me, this is very much a joint endeavour in which, for my part, I work with warmth, understanding and supportive integrity, encouraging a relationship based on engagement, openness and equality and in the context of confidentiality and privacy. I strive for the removal or alleviation of pain, to facilitate change and encourage personal growth.

I will usually draw on a variety of approaches, including Psychodynamic, Humanistic, Transpersonal, Existential, Gestalt, TA, Cognitive Approaches and Art Therapy. Depending on the needs of particular clients I might use techniques such as Visualisation, Creative Imagination and Dream-work.

I believe imagination and creativity are what make us human and, together with play and humour, connect us to our essence and spirituality. Joys and pain in life represent our strengths and challenges, and our experiences provide us with clues as to how we are and how we can be. Through this work, I have come to develop a profound respect for people with difficult lives and to consider the sacredness of our life journeys.

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