Why therapy?

It is often said that we all have a natural inborn propensity towards growth and self-realization. Obstacles to that produce tension, stress and pain and if we remove them we will develop into fully realized, mature adults. The task of psychotherapy is to identify and dissolve, or meet and manage those obstacles. Growth, change, curiosity, enthusiasm for life will follow. If you are seeking or thinking about taking on psychotherapy you are already displaying this drive towards growth.

It can be an important, even difficult, decision to receive counselling or psychotherapy. It may feel strange, even risky, to open oneself to a stranger. It might seem unnecessarily extravagant, an indulgence or a sign of weakness that “something is wrong.” I respect these feelings but note that many people coming for therapy find it affirming to have the focused attention of someone who cares, is committed and non-judgmental. Many make real changes in their lives.

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